Now you can manage your school, college
    or any educational center with eskool.

Features Of School Management Software

eskool is a complete and feature riched school management software for all educational institutes. This school management software is for learning, administration and management activities in schools, colleges, universities, tuition centers or training centers. Our Online school management system manages everything starting from admission to attendance and exams to result cards.

Absolutely Online

eskool is an absolutely 100% Online school managemnet software for lifetime with no limitations. No need to buy anything. Just Sign Up

Web Based Application

eskool is Online school software which is always online, you can access it from anywhere, anytime. We will take care of your data and backups.

Regular Updates & Support

We add new and awesome features regularly to make our school administrative software unmatchable. online 24/7 support for users.

Responsive Web Design

You can use our Online school management software on any device, like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or a desktop due to its responsive design.

Infographics & Animations

We use infographics and animations to explain students reports and results. Our Online school software facilitates you with optimized result.

Fast, Secure & Easy

We use advance tools and technologies to build up this Online school software. It is very fast,secure,relaible and easy to use and manage.

Why eskool is best school management software ?

Besides from, eskool is a completely Online online school management software it has more school management features than any other online school management system in the market. It does not ends here, eskool is still enhancing features. You will be automatically updated as new feature will be a part of our Online school management software. Some main school management features are given below.

  • An admin portal with all controls.
  • Portals for students/parents, staff and teachers.
  • Students and staff complete data record system.
  • Classes, Courses and Subjects management.
  • Online attendance system for students and staff.
  • Accounts, fees, salaries, income and expense management.
  • Exams, class tests, home work and assignments management.
  • Transportation and Bus serive management.

Single Stop Solution For School Management

Managing any educational institute is not a piece of cake. Managing students, staff, timetable, exams, class test, attendance, fees collection, accounts ect. It does not ends here. Parents are always worried about their child performance and they need satisfaction. They really care about their child academic statics. Moreover we have seen schools using huge registers to mark attendance of their students and staff. And we have also seen that schools manage their admission, exams data, class tests data ect, manually. We know it takes a lot of time and very difficlt to manage.

Institute Info

You can set your all institute info like logo, name, target line ect, which will display on every printable documents and reports.

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Admin Portal

An Admin panel with all controls. Admin can manage, track and record everything within school or organization .

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Students, Parents Portal

A portal for students and parents to check all their progress, reports, results, home works and also communicate with teachers.

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Employees Portal

A portal for school employees to manage their daily tasks, like mark attendance, assigning home work add class tests

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Class Management

This school management software manage your classes in an easy way. starts from students to subjects, courses to marks

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Exams Management

eskool has a complete solution for exams management starting from new exam to final result, reports and result cards.

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Attendance System

Our Online school software has outstanding online attendance management system for students and staff.

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Fees Management

Our school software opens an account for every student to manage its fees and dues. eskool manages everything automatically.

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Class Tests Management

Managing class tests is a piece of cake with this Online school management software. It keeps record of every class test.

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Accounts Management

Managing income, expense, staff salaries ect is no more difficlt. By using our Online school software you can manage quite easly.

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Printable Reports & results

You can print all the reports and letters like, admission letter, fee slip, salary slip, job letter and result cards ect.

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Many More

eskool is versatile Online online school management software with hundreds of more features. Start exploring Now !

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Demo Login url: https://demo.eskool.xyz/site/login
Username: [email protected]
Password: Asif.demo


eskool software maximum 100 students 500 tk/month

eskool software maximum 250 students 800 tk/month

eskool software maximum 500 students 1000 tk/month

eskool software maximum 1000 students 1500 tk/month

eskool software maximum 1500 students 2000 tk/month

eskool software maximum 2000 students 2500 tk/month

eskool software maximum 3000 students 4000 tk/month

eskool software maximum 4000 students 5000 tk/month

eskool software maximum 5000 students 6000 tk/month

GPRS/Wireless Biometric Attendance Device 12000 tk/one time

Software Inegration with device 2000 tk/one time

Dynamic Website(edu.bd domain+5GB hosting+website) 8000 /one time (yearly renew 3500 tk)